Media – 2 August 2016

MEDIA RELEASE – 2 August 2016

Brendan Smyth’s thirty pieces of silver: the world’s your oyster

“That’s all it took, thirty pieces of silver or in today’s dollar terms, a $300,000 per year salary plus perks for the next five years to complete a grubby political deal between the Chief Minister, Andrew Barr and Canberra Liberal ‘jump shipper’, Brendan Smyth.  It is simply obese political gluttony”, Community Alliance Party candidate in Murrumbidgee, Michael Lindfield said.

“Yesterday was Mr Smyth’s first day in his new unadvertised job that had only one applicant.  Mr Smyth has now set the benchmark for the political parties currently in the ACT Legislative Assembly to sell their souls to the highest bidder.

“ACT Labor has a cozy gig with the ACT Labor Club and probably a steady and guaranteed stream of poker machine money. The Canberra Liberals seem to love property developers and the ACT Greens like spending public money as if it’s going out of fashion, leaving a gaping debt for Canberrans for generations to come, some not even born yet.”

Michael Lindfield added, “this is one of the reason why I have put my hand up and to say no more grubby political deals behind closed doors.  Canberrans expect and are entitled to accountable and transparent government in all of its decision making processes, from procurement, dealing with the public to political appointments, poker machines and political donations.  We can do better!”

The Community Alliance Party has a vision that reflects the Canberra community generally by:

  • encouraging the public to actively participate in important government decision making processes;
  • making the government more fully accountable to the community;
  • reducing corruptive conduct or behavior at all levels;
  • developing positive and significant public policy to make the Nation’s Capital a better lifestyle place to live underpinned by a thriving economic support base;
  • improving women’s peace of mind and their safety and possibly their children in domestic violence situations and a certainty that women’s refuges are adequately funded; and
  • protecting and caring for all ACT workers and support them and their families during difficult periods.

More specifically, Michael Lindfield announced several Community Alliance Party positions and election commitments.

“It is long over due for the ACT to have an Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Management Board comprising a probity auditor to oversight, among other things, senior government appointments and procurement decisions to ensure transparent and ethical selection and decision making processes are followed. The ACT Auditor General is best placed to establish such a board.  This is an urgent priority, which I will address if elected.

I am available to answer questions outside the Legislative Assembly for the ACT in front of the Canberra Theatre at 11 am Tuesday 2 August 2016.

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