Community Alliance Party

We are a party that listens to you and responds to your needs. We are flexible and pragmatic. We do not make policy based on ideology, but we have strong principles. We will encourage community participation in a collective decision making process and ensure that the Legislative Assembly listens and acts on such advice.


Problem: The mainstream parties are not open and accountable. Recent changes in campaign finances allow vested interests to pay for political influence to the disadvantage of the wider community.

Solution: We will hold the major parties to account and keep them honest. We will initiate legislation that repeals the expanded provision for campaign contributions. We will legislate for an ACT corruption watchdog with the power to address sleaze, maladministration and cronyism which are rife in ACT government.


Problem: ACT quality of life is affected by government neglect. Waterways are polluted, suburban shopping centres are run down, and sporting ovals are overgrown. Outsourced services are often expensive, inefficient and unaccountable.

Solution: We will improve the quality of government services by ensuring that wasteful spending, mismanaged projects and corrupt practices are targeted. We will ensure that outsourcing is kept to a minimum.

Law and order

Problem: Putting offenders in jail perpetuates criminality.

Solution: To prevent criminal acts, we will intervene at the community level to steer young people into socially acceptable pursuits. When offenders end up in court, we will ensure that magistrates and judges have flexibility in sentencing with an emphasis on keeping young offenders and perpetrators of victimless crimes in the community rather than sending them to jail.


Problem: The ACT has reached its maximum carrying capacity. Because of overpopulation we already have water restrictions, less affordable housing, rush hour traffic jams, disappearing green space, longer queues for health services, increased pollution and declining biodiversity.

Solution: We will pursue better planning, more efficient land use and strict limits on urban expansion. Some areas may be earmarked for urban infill, but only where this has the support of the local community and environmental concerns are addressed.

Sport and recreation

Problem: Sporting facilities are not properly maintained by the government. There are insufficient facilities in the ACT to cater for a variety of sports, for example motor racing.

Solution: We will ensure the proper upkeep of sporting facilities. We are opposed to the redevelopment of land originally gifted to sports clubs by the community. We will develop a multipurpose motor racing facility which does not impact on residential areas.


Problem: The bus service is underutilised which is discourages the government to provide better services. Canberrans rely on private transport which causes pollution and traffic jams in peak hours.

Solution: The answer is not to build more roads. We will establish a service which is a cheaper, more efficient, and a viable alternative to private transport. We will introduce incentives for car-pooling. We will develop more bike paths and increase park and ride facilities to complement the bus service. We do not agree with investing heavily in current transport technologies which are being superseded by more efficient and flexible options like driverless electric buses.

Vulnerable groups


Problem: Vulnerable groups in the ACT do not receive sufficient resources.
Solution: We will ensure that essential services and facilities for the aged, the mentally and physically unwell, people with disabilities, women fleeing domestic violence, the homeless, fixed income retirees and other similar groups of people are adequately financed. We will prioritise such spending over expensive and/or unnecessary government projects such as a new sports stadium, light rail, or public art.


Problem: Public schools are not adequately funded compared to private schools in the ACT.
Solution: We will ensure that all schools are funded equally, whether private or public. We will not close local public schools when student numbers are low. We will not sell off empty school sites to developers, but will ensure that they are kept as a resource for the local community and wider ACT electorate.

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