ACT government launches LDA governance review after controversial Canberra land deal

This is just one reason why the ACT urgently needs an Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Management Board comprising a probity auditor to oversight, among other things, senior government appointments and procurement decisions to ensure transparent and ethical selection and decision making processes are followed.

While not implying or insinuating that any corruptive behaviour has occurred in this particular incident, it is imperative that all internal processes in all ACT government agency decision making were followed with due diligence.

The Community Alliance Party, as an election commitment, if elected, will undertake a priority review of the role, function, powers, management and legislative base of the ACT Land Development Agency (ACTLDA) with a view to make it more publicly accountable, simplified processes, enhanced transparency and reduced red tape.

A Community Alliance Party member in the Legislative Assembly for the ACT will also:

  • advocate for a reduction in red tape within ACTLDA and introduce a a robust penalty system whereby the organisation could be fined (payable to development proponents) if it does not meet key performance areas within a specified time frame when dealing with the general public and businesses; and
  • abolish the ACT  Planning Minister’s “call-in” powers under current planning legislation.

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