Review of Pharmacy Remuneration and Regulation – An opportunity for you to be heard

I urge individuals, families, medical practitioners, community groups, psychologists and mental health as well as drug and alcohol partitioners and therapists and the community in general to participate in this review. This your opportunity to have a say and be HEARD.

The independent review is being  coordinated  by the Australian Department of Health with the terms of reference and discussion paper in the below links.

Terms of Reference

View the Terms of Reference

Discussion Paper

Discussion Paper – PDF 2807 KB

I have full confidence in the review team and the support it’s receiving from from the Australian Health Department.

I am particularly interested in the reviews “recommendations on future remuneration, regulation including pharmacy location rules, and other arrangements that apply to pharmacy and wholesalers for the dispensing of medicines and other services, including the preparation of infusions or injections for chemotherapy, provided under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS), to ensure consumers have reliable and affordable access to medicines.”

In a nut shell, this is all about whether retail outlets like supermarkets, hardware and sporting outlets, only to mention a few, can enter into the preparation and dispensing of pharmaceutical products.

The discussion paper notes that “it has been argued that the pharmacy location rules limit both access to, and affordability of, prescription medicines. The pharmacy location rules have been the subject of numerous reports and reviews over the past 20 years, including the Wilkinson National Competition Policy Review of Pharmacy in 2005 and the 2005 Productivity Commission Review of National Competition Policy Reforms, 2010 Department of Health Post implementation Review of Pharmacy Location Rules, 2014 National Commission of Audit and the Competition Policy (Harper) Review in 2015. These reviews reached a range of different conclusions.for effective competition in a pharmacy environment and impacts on access and affordability for consumers and communities;

It is the Hilmer Review in 2015 that looks in to the area of my interest and has identified “the six elements of competition policy

  • limiting anti-competitive conduct of firms;
  • reforming regulation which unjustifiably restricts competition;
  • reforming the structure of public monopolies to facilitate competition;
  • providing third-party access to certain facilities that are essential for competition;
  • restraining monopoly pricing behaviour; and
  • fostering ‘competitive neutrality’ between government and private businesses when they compete.”

While consultations have commenced nationwide the next “all national on-line” consultations will take place on between 7.00pm and 9.00pm.

Live National Webcast Online (broadcast from Canberra)

Community Alliance Party position and commitment to YOU

Community Alliance Party believes that there is nothing that is more important than your family’s health and wellbeing.  If we manage to have our candidates elected to the Legislative Assembly for the ACT at the ACT October election member(s) will lobby hard to bring the pharmaceutical costs down and consider deregulation measures for the ACT pharmaceutical sector generally so that drugs dispensed from pharmacies are (a) safe for consumers and (b) cheaper and more accessible for working and middle-class families.

Background and reference point


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