Media Release – 7 September 2016

Community Alliance Party wants ACT Ambulance Service review

If elected the ACT Ambulance Service would be reviewed both operationally in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and to identify options to reduce the cost to tax and rate payers, particularly the City’s aged and disadvantaged and young families.

Community Alliance Party candidate for Murrumbidgee, Michael Lindfield said, “while there is concessions for low income individuals and families, there is room for improvement and the possibility to reduce fees and charges.”

“Based on currently available information ambulance call outs to attend incidents are increasing at alarming rates each year and placing a financial burden on individuals and or their families.”

“In 2014, 31,587 patients or 79% of all total patients required an ambulance response to an incident i.e. ambulance priority 1 and 2.  This represents patients paying approximately $30m plus (or $918 call out and transport). For the same year, it appears that 1,162 patients or 3% (i.e. non-emergency ambulance response, using intensive care paramedic response) paid $740,000 plus (or $637- $656 per call out), while 7,159 patients or 18% (i.e. non-emergency ambulance response, using patient transport service resource) paid $1.7m plus.  In total, there were 39,908 patient ambulance transport movements with a total ambulance bill of approximately $32m.”

Michael Lindfield said, “one could infer that approximately 10% of the ACT population requires an ambulance. This is a costly situation that is getting to be out-of-control and an independent review be undertaken.”

Background and reference points and

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