Kambah residents, help finalise the design for the Kambah Group Centre upgrade

Kambah residents this is your opportunity to play an active role in designing the Kambah Group Centre upgrade.

At this stage improvements being proposed to the central courtyard adjacent to the children’s playground in the centre’s community hub include:

  • new trees and shade sails for protection from the elements;
  • removal of the old decking, tree stumps and some stone walls to de-clutter the courtyard, open the area up and allow for more casual outdoor dining and community gathering;
  • new outdoor furniture that will brighten and lift the quality of this community space; and
  • wider stairs and an improved access ramp between the north-south alleyway and the central courtyard to make access easier for the public.

Consultation with the community started on 14 September 2016 to help renew the Kambah Village as part of a long‑term plan to reinvigorate public spaces in the Kambah Group Centre.

The Kambah Group Centre was the first group centre to be developed in Tuggeranong in 1976 and we want to upgrade the area to make it more modern and inviting as well as easier for people to move around.

The local community has informed ACT City Services what improvements they would like to see rolled out to revitalise Kambah Village as part of the Kambah Group Centre Master Plan consultation process.

A draft preliminary design, which follows on from the Master Plan, has been prepared that includes improved vehicle, bike and pedestrian access, increased parking opportunities, reinvigorated recreational opportunities and an upgrade to the area’s central courtyard.

The main entry for visitors to the Kambah Group Centre from Marconi Crescent will also be upgraded so it works more efficiently including making it more visible as the key access point. Access between the north and south sides of the centre will also be improved to create a more active eastern edge for vehicles and pedestrians.

With a new eastern road connection, the existing toilet will need to be removed and a new uni-sex wheelchair compliant public toilet will be provided on the eastern side.

City Services is inviting feedback on the draft preliminary design and the priorities to be included in the first stage of construction, with $300,000 invested in detailed design and construction in 2017. Visit www.yoursay.act.gov.au to complete a short online survey.

Alternatively the public can complete a hard copy survey available at the Kambah Village Brumby’s Bakery and Capital Chemist pharmacy or come along to a drop-in information session within the Kambah Village central courtyard at the following times:

  • 30 pm – 6.30 pm, Monday 19 September 2016
  • 30 pm – 4.30 pm, Tuesday 20 September 2016.

Your input will help refine the preliminary design and guide priority improvements for construction in 2017.

Consultation closes Friday 21 October 2016.



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