Media Release – 14 September 2016

Why the ACT needs and Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Management Board and a review of ACTPLA

The Community Alliance Party has long held the view that:

  • contractual arrangements involving the ACT government and its agencies should be transparent and open to public scrutiny, particularly when public money is involved; and
  •  the ACT Land Development Agency needs to be more accountable.

In relation to the former, on 2 August 2016, I announced:

It is long over due for the ACT to have an Anti-Corruption and Good Governance Management Board comprising a probity auditor to oversight, among other things, senior government appointments and procurement decisions to ensure transparent and ethical selection and decision making processes are followed. The ACT Auditor General is best placed to establish such a board.  This is an urgent priority, which I will address if elected.”  Refer:

While in relation to the latter, on the 19 August 2016, I further announced,  “A Community Alliance Party member in the Legislative Assembly for the ACT will undertake a priority review of the role, function, powers, management and legislative base of the ACT Land Development Agency with a view to make it more publicly accountable, simplified processes, enhanced transparency and reduced red tape. And also:

  •  advocate for a reduction in red tape within ACTLPA and introduce a robust penalty system whereby the organisation could be fined (payable to development proponents) if it does not meet key performance areas within a specified time frame when dealing with the general public and businesses; and

 Michael Lindfield, Community Alliance Party candidate for Murrumbidgee, said “while not assuming any wrong doing by any of the the parties involved in the Canberra Times article of 12 September 2016,$1 million paid to Pat Seears for head lease on paddleboats’, it does raise the fundamental notions of what is constitutes transparency, conflict of interests and secrecy. Such agreements naturally raise a whiff of unpalatable sleaze, community distrust and betrayal, particularly when the ACT government has been derelict in its duty as ‘public servants’ to the community and that it “has lost more than $70 million in unpaid debts in the past five years.”

“Instead of making hollow and outlandish multi-million dollar promises and in some cases billion dollar commitments (e.g. Civic to Woden tram line) to the electorate, the ACT Labor Greens Compact and the Canberra Liberals should be getting the fundamentals of the art of governing and debt management right first and be open and more transparent in contractual arrangements.  With proper systems and processes in place there should be no need for public inquiries.

“Whoever forms the next ACT government, the Community Alliance Party and I, if elected, will demand that our election commitments on these matters be implemented within the first three months post election. It is in the public interest to do so,” Michael Lindfield said.

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