The Community Alliance Party is a grassroots, community-led party that grew out of a coalition of community groups and concerned individuals in 2008. Our membership is spread across the ACT, but we also enjoy a minor interstate presence, e.g. in NSW, Queensland, and Victoria.

We are a pragmatic party that spans the middle of the political spectrum, and spurns ideology-driven policies. We are not, and never will be, affiliated with any major political party, high profile individual, business or other vested interest. We only accept donations from individuals registered to vote in the ACT.

We balance conservative and progressive ideas in an attempt to protect what is worth preserving, while seeking practical, innovative and long-term solutions to problems confronting our community; particularly in the areas of political accountability, economic efficiency, social justice, and environmental sustainability.

We are the LISTENING PARTY: after 8 years in existence we accept that we do not have all of the answers, but we do know the right questions to ask. In defining goals, we are always guided by community consultation, reasoned persuasion, and constructive criticism. We are a party for those whose voice is generally unheard, fobbed off as unimportant, or denied access to the decision making process. Your concerns, needs and expectations will always be ours and we will act on them no matter how small or difficult.

We are a party that will enable the Government of the day to pass its budget, but in return we will expect it to engage in extensive community consultation on all major budget commitments or public spending that could put the delivery of other essential services at risk.

Importantly, the Community Alliance Party is dependable and honest, accessible and robust. We are not afraid to challenge back room power brokers and expose unscrupulous conduct wherever we may uncover it.

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