Media Release – Weston Creek and Molonglo Valley resident needs are a priority for the Community Alliance Party – Election Commitments

The Weston Creek based Community Alliance Party (CAP) is committed to addressing the Weston Creek community’s long held concerns and those of neighbouring Molonglo Valley, regarding:

  • New regional community centre;
  • Fetherston Gardens;
  • Transport and parking;
  • Fisher Shops’ upgrade, and
  • Green space, sporting facilities and Stromlo Forest Park swimming pool.

New community centre with public library

Michael Lindfield, one of two CAP candidates in Murrumbidgee in next month’s ACT election, said, “If I am elected, my constituents will come first and foremost.  Weston Creek and other parts of the electorate have been neglected for the past 15 years and it’s high time to actually do something about it.

A new community centre is a major priority. I will lobby key Government agencies to fast track discussions with the Weston Creek Community Council and other interested groups to refine their needs and expectations.  At this stage I envisage a multipurpose and inter-generational community centre; a venue where young and old can interact in a safe and friendly environment. This would include a public library, creative facilities, and perhaps a café.

“A new community centre would cater for the increasing demand for services in the Weston Creek area, as well as for the growing population in the newly developing Molonglo Valley region.”

Lindfield said, “I know that community centres build stronger and more resilient communities, a more sustainable community sector, and they provide additional accessible services for those who most need them in the community.”

Fetherston Gardens

“For a long time, the Weston Creek Community Council has been making representations to the ACT Government about upgrading Fetherston Gardens. The goal is to give park goers a more positive experience, while preserving the restful atmosphere of this approximately 3.5 hectares of urban parkland.

“In consultation with the Council and other interested parties like the ‘Friends of Fetherston Gardens’ group and the public, I will oversee the upgrade development plan and source the funds to ensure that it becomes a reality.  A few such improvements that have already been raised are much needed BBQ facilities, with undercover all weather eating areas, toilets, additional park seating, and a small children’s playground, Lindfield said.

Public Transport

To complement newly introduced bus services like the ACTION 182 service from North Weston into the City, the Community Alliance Party, if I am elected, will lobby the Government to trial a regular electric bus loop service using the following route:

Weston Creek – Woden – Curtin – Canberra Hospital – Mawson – Kambah – Weston Creek.

The inclusion of the Canberra Hospital is essential, with Weston Creek and Woden both having a high percentage of senior citizen residents, as well as young children (approximately 20 per cent each).  The Woden to Canberra Hospital service would:

  • alleviate public parking pressures at the Canberra Hospital and traffic congestion generally;
  • transport patients receiving outpatient services, as well as family and friends visiting loved ones who are hospitalised; and
  • encourage hospital staff living in close proximity to the five regional shopping centres (which already have Park and Ride facilities) to consider using the service more frequently and thereby facilitate community interaction and bonding.

“The Community Alliance Party would also introduce a free shuttle service around the Canberra Hospital campus for those who have difficulty walking. The planned route would include stops at all hospital entrances, as well as adjacent hospital buildings that draw the most public visitations,” Lindfield said.

Similarly, the proposed pilot loop route would encourage the public to use existing Park and Ride facilities as it connects the five major hub shopping centres (Curtin, Kambah, Mawson, Weston Creek and Woden). Park and Ride venues are very popular with younger people generally.

Park and Ride locations:

  • Curtin Shops – Carruthers Street – Kambah Village Shops – Marconi Crescent
  • Kambah Centre – O’Halloran Circuit
  • Mawson – Corner of Mawson and Athllon Drive (access from Mawson Place)
  • North Weston – Kirkpatrick Street
  • Woden – Woden Bus Station, access from Matilda Street

Additional public parking is required at Cooleman Court and Curtin shops, in particular.

Upgrade of the Fisher Shops

If elected, Community Alliance Party candidate for Murrumbidgee, Michael Lindfield, would pressure the Government to upgrade Fisher Shops and commence improvements within the first three months of the Government’s term. The improvements would include shaded all weather seating areas, better paving, parking, lighting and hence safety.

Lindfield said, “Local shops are important venues for residents to socialise and small business centres to provide goods and services.”

Green space, sporting facilities and Stromlo Forest Park swimming pool

Urban green space is under increasing threat in Weston Creek and Woden Valley. Green space is vitally important for the physical and mental health of residents and wildlife alike. These areas need protection from both Government and developers. Public land belongs to the public not the Government.

Similarly, existing ovals need greater public investment to improve standards and make them more attractive and safe as areas for exercise, play, and relaxation.

“I will hold the existing Government accountable, if it is re-elected, on its $33m commitment to construct a much needed Stromlo Forest Park swimming pool which was announced in this years 2016-17 Budget and make solid representations to deliver on tourist accommodation, an enclosed oval, district playing fields and a 12km road cycling circuit.  Should there be a change of government I will be the first knocking on the Chief Minister’s and Treasurer’s door pressing Weston Creek and the Molonglo Valley needs,” Lindfield said.

Background and reference points$33-million-pool-for-weston-creek-and-molonglo-community


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