Election Commitments – Community Alliance Party as at 29 September 2016

Minor Party’s can make a positive difference in the ACT Legislative Assembly

Community Alliance Party candidate for Murrumbidgee, Michael Lindfield said, “minor party’s in the ACT can make a positive, significant and responsible difference in the ACT Legislative Assembly by bringing fresh and innovative ideas, solutions to government policy making, diversity and protect the interests of ordinary AC Territorian mums and dads, working families, the aged and disadvantaged, youth and small businesses.

“As a grass roots party we are in tune with the small issues that impact on the community. The feedback from door knocking my electorate of Murrumbidgee is a general distrust of the ACT Labor Greens Compact – that they have dropped the ball on public consultations on many important issues, including leadership – and the Canberra Liberals inability to offer solutions and add positive value to debating the needs and expectations of the electorate.

“The Community Alliance Party is a middle of the political spectrum, progressive and considers innovative ideas to do things better for the community particularly in the areas of accountability, transparency and value for rate and tax payers’ money. We are guided by achieving outcomes through LISTENING, community consultation, reasoned persuasion and influence. We are a party that will enable the Government of the day pass its budget and in return expect it to engage in extensive community consultation on major budget commitments.

The election commitments CAP has announced so far include:

  • Review the ACT Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012

CAP will sponsor a review the ACT Public Interest Disclosure Act 2012 e.g. whistle-blowers; with a view to include ACT politicians and the private sector where their conduct is seen to be wrongful – misuse of public funds, breach of trust, insider trading, bribes or misuse of information – and deemed to be a criminal offence against a law in force in the ACT.

  • Strengthen ACT workplace bullying and harassment legal regime

CAP will strengthen the laws and regulations relating to workplace bullying and harassment in the public sector by making them a criminal offence and perpetrators also liable to civil litigation as another remedy and deterrent.

  • Strengthen domestic violence administrative processes

CAP will strengthen the administrative processes in domestic violence situations to enable the Magistrate Court to make it lawful for a respondent to an urgent domestic violence order be fitted with a global positioning system tracking device and the applicant notified when the respondent is in the local vicinity.

  • Reform the ACT Tattoo Industry

CAP will introduce legislation to reform the tattoo studio industry by among other things, raising the standards of out-dated guidelines (set in 2006) for public safety and consumer protection, consider accreditation and qualifications, training practices and procedures for tattooists, apprenticeship arrangements, and making it mandatory for the ownership and administration of such businesses to be fully disclosed by public register and anybody associated, either by ownership, management or shareholding, including directors, employees, contractors, consultants or “sleeping partners” (ie and all associates) undergo a fit and proper character and criminal record test before a license to operate is granted or renewed. This is consistent with the suite of reforms in Queensland and NSW jurisdictions and those being considered by South Australia.

  • Relocate Floriade to Tuggeranong Town Park and Lake Tuggeranong Foreshore

CAP has pledged that if elected to the ACT Legislative Assembly lobby hard to have Floriade permanently located in Tuggeranong Town Park and surrounding Lake Tuggeranong foreshore. This would stimulate economic growth in South Canberra.

  • Review ACT Land Development Agency and abolish the ACT Minister for Planning ‘call-in’ powers

CAP will undertake a priority review of the role, function, powers, management and legislative base of the ACT Land Development Agency ACTLDA) with a view to make it more publicly accountable, simplified processes, enhanced transparency and reduced red tape.

And also:

–  introduce a robust penalty system whereby the ACTLDA could be fined (payable to                 development proponents) if it does not meet key performance areas within a                           specified time frame(s) when dealing with the general public and businesses; and

–  abolish the ACT Planning Minister’s “call-in” powers under current planning                         legislation.

  • Lower the cost of pharmaceuticals and industry deregulation

CAP will lobby hard to bring the pharmaceutical costs down and consider deregulation measures for the ACT pharmaceutical sector generally so that drugs dispensed from pharmacies are (a) safe for consumers and (b) cheaper and more accessible for working families, terminally ill and economically disadvantaged groups.

  • Establish an ACT Office for Men’s Health and Well-being

CAP will lobby hard to create an ACT Office for Men’s Health and Well-being located within ACT Health department to do among other things, give policy advice on addressing men’s health issues, analyse current data to look at ways to minimise premature death, injury, self harm, develop strategies to prevent certain cancer types and diseases; and raise its overall profile in the community.

  • Review the ACT funeral industry for market competition and reduce costs

CAP will sponsor a review of the funeral industry in the ACT and look at options for more market competition to reduce costs and to allay upfront consumer payment.

  • Review of ACT Ambulance Service

CAP will sponsor a review of the ACT Ambulance Service operationally in terms of efficiency and effectiveness and identify options to reduce the cost to tax and rate payers, particularly the City’s aged, disadvantaged and young families.

  • Light rail 

CAP opposes the Civic to Gungahlin and the Civic to Woden initiative supported by the ACT Labor-Greens Compact.

CAP may consider, following extensive community consultations over an 18 month period, a detailed and transparent feasibility study undertaken by the private sector and reviewed by an independent probity auditor, a light rail from Canberra International Airport to Civic with construction (also undertake by the private sector) of a world class state-of-the-art National Convention Centre comprising luxury accommodation facilities, stylish boutique restaurants and adjoining entertainment facilities and infrastructure. The cost to benefits ratios may be more attractive in recouping the private sector funded light rail costs.

  • Introduce Medi-PhamaCare speciality clinic pilots for Kambah and Weston Creek areas

CAP is committed to providing the best possible care for older and young AC Territorians when they most need it – during the night and the early hours of the morning.

CAP will initiate improvements to the existing walk–in clinic philosophy by piloting Medi-PharmaCare Specialtiy Centres at Kambah and Weston Creek specifically for older residents and for young families.

The centres will use existing vacant buildings and provide care for non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries and operate between the hours of 9 pm to 9 am seven days a week including holidays. Staffed by registered nurses and nurse practitioners in specialised fields who can diagnose, treat and prescribe medication as well as help with birth control or breast feeding issues and provide free immunisations. The services envisaged include treatment of:

  • Respiratory and cardiovascular stabilisation
  • Sprains & broken bones
  • Colds and flu
  • Allergies
  • Sinus infections
  • Sore throats and ear problems
  • Bladder infections
  • Pediatric care, for ages 3 months and older
  • Skin infections
  • Limited laboratory and X-rays could be available on site with outsourced pharmacy provider.

CAP is working hard to protect and improve health care. CAP will continue to give families faster, more efficient treatment during the times that worry them most and because everyone matters.

  • Poker machine community contributions to increase to 20 per cent under Community Alliance Party plan & insist on stronger reporting requirements

CAP will lobby and persuade the Government to make it mandatory for Canberra’s 49 clubs that own and operate the city’s 4,906 poker machines to increase their financial contribution to community groups from the current level of 8 per cent of gross operating profits to 20 per cent over the next four years.

Charity and welfare groups, including those helping to combat gambling addiction, would receive a minimum of 10 per cent to carry out their much needed work in the community.

Under the Community Alliance Party plan the clubs’ ‘cash to community’ contributions would increase incrementally as follows:

  • Year 1 (2016-17): from 8 per cent to 10 per cent;
  • Year 2 (2017-18): from 10 per cent to 14 per cent;
  • Year 3 (2018-19): from 14 per cent to 16 per cent; and
  • Year 4 (2019-20): from 16 per cent to 20 per cent.

The ACT Office of Regulatory Services would audit each club and report to the Legislative Assembly twice a year on the amounts clubs contributed, community group recipients, and the projects they are undertaking.  Hefty fines for non-compliance would also apply, as well as being named on a public register.

  • Weston Creek and Molonglo Valley residents needs are a priority for CAP

CAP will lobby and persuade the ACT Government to:

  1. Construct a new Weston Creek regional community centre with public library (e.g. a multipurpose and inter-generational community centre; a venue where young and old can interact in a safe and friendly environment. This would include a public library, creative facilities, and perhaps a café);
  2. Upgrade Fetherston Gardens amenities (i.e. much needed BBQ facilities, with undercover all weather eating areas, toilets, additional park seating, and a small children’s playground)
  3. Trial a regular electric bus loop service using the following route – Weston Creek – Woden – Curtin – Canberra Hospital – Mawson – Kambah – Weston Creek.
  4. Introduce a free shuttle service around the Canberra Hospital campus for those who have difficulty walking. The planned route would include stops at all hospital entrances, as well as adjacent hospital buildings that draw the most public visitations
  5. Upgrade Fisher Shops with improvements to include shaded all weather seating areas, better paving, parking, lighting and hence safety
  6. Protect existing green space and maintain sporting facilities
  7. Build Stromlo Forest Park swimming pool
  • Woden Concourse development

CAP will lobby and persuade the ACT government to design, construct, manage and fund a new Woden Concourse precinct be incorporated in the Woden Town Centre Master Plan.  Like Weston Creek, Woden Valley has been neglected for the past 15 years and has been left behind in the economic development stakes.

A Woden Concourse could include a combined concert hall, art centre, and theatre complex with rehearsal and studio space. An outdoor urban screen with a full program of free public entertainment including digital art, open-air cinema, live sporting events, news and national events, and live broadcasts of sold out performances would attract substantial crowds and help to spark a lively European-style nightlife.

Funds are available from the $48 million the ACT government received from the Federal Government in 2016-17 under its Financial Assistance Grant programme to support better infrastructure for Canberra residents.


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