Media Release -The Community Alliance Party is committed to Woden Town Centre – Election Commitment – Woden Concourse 

The Canberra-based Community Alliance Party (CAP – in Weston Creek) has unveiled plans to revitalise Woden Town Centre and secure its immediate and future economic and cultural vitality.

CAP candidate for Murrumbidgee in the October ACT election, Michael Lindfield said, “the ACT government should take a leading role in ensuring that the design, construction, management and funding of a new Woden Concourse precinct be incorporated in the Woden Town Centre Master Plan.  Like Weston Creek, Woden Valley has been neglected for the past 15 years and has been left behind in the economic development stakes.

“ACT government investment in a Woden Concourse is vital and would provide certainty to the Woden Town Centre as a place for economic growth and ongoing private sector re-investment, guaranteeing existing and future employment opportunities, and viable cultural and learning activities. It can be the start of a growth corridor for South Canberra.”

“A Woden Concourse could include a combined concert hall, art centre, and theatre complex with rehearsal and studio space. An outdoor urban screen with a full program of free public entertainment including digital art, open-air cinema, live sporting events, news and national events, and live broadcasts of sold out performances would attract substantial crowds and help to spark a lively European-style nightlife.

Lindfield said, “a Woden Concourse precinct could be a stimulus for the public to use landscaped walkways to access restaurants and street cafes, boutique retail stores, indoor entertainment and other places of community expression, as well as the flagship arts venue.”

If the light rail ever comes to Woden, this will only make a new Concourse precinct even more valuable to residents and visitors alike.

“I will lobby key Government agencies to fast track discussions with the Woden Community Council and other interested groups to refine their needs and expectations.

“If I am elected, I will be the first to knock on the door of the incoming Chief Minister and Treasurer to secure the funds from the $48 million the ACT government received from the Federal Government in 2016-17 under its Financial Assistance Grant programme to support better infrastructure for Canberra residents. I will use this opportunity to also secure funds for Weston Creek’s much needed new community centre,” Lindfield said.

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