Transport not to be a financial burden under Community Alliance Party plan – three month trial of free bus travel for workers and reduced parking costs– Election Commitments

Michael Lindfield, one of two Community Alliance Party (CAP) candidates contesting the Murrumbidgee in the ACT October election released more details of its transport plan for the City.

Michael Lindfield said, “CAP is concentrating on the smaller things that make a real difference to lives of residents and not impose financial burdens on those who can least afford it.

“We care about disadvantaged residents who have limited financial resources and concerned that they stay connected with the community by using public transport, at an affordable cost, Lindfield said.

“Our party supports student bus passes working all year round and free bus passes for children without a local public school. We also encourage car-pooling and reward drivers with reduced parking costs, support the upgrading of the public transport network to improve access to tourist attractions around the ACT and introduce a ‘tourist public transport pass’ at a reduced price.

“CAP also supports:

  • road tax exemptions, free public parking, and the development of a free recharging network for zero emission electric vehicles;
  • parking concessions for carers: and
  • will require all new commercial developments to provide adequate disabled parking, and consider a demerit points system to ensure that the illegal use of disabled parking spaces is appropriately penalised.

“Our party will also consult with stakeholders with a view to introduce no-blame third-party personal insurance for motor vehicle accidents,“ Lindfield said.

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