Canberra a Multicultural City

The Community Alliance Party (CAP) recognises that the ACT is a vibrant and creative community of people from a diverse array of linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The Diplomatic Corps plays an important role in shaping greater understanding and respect of diverse cultures.

Unfortunately, some forms of racial prejudice and discrimination still persist in the ACT. CAP will work with the various communities, business, and the ACT Government and non-government agencies to build a strong, safe and harmonious ACT community that is fully inclusive.

Community participation

CAP will promote respect, tolerance, and cooperation between the different cultural communities in the ACT through public awareness at major events and celebrations.


CAP supports:

  • the teaching of languages other than English as a core component of the curriculum at all levels of education;
  •  the provision of additional ACT Government resources for the Ethnic Schools Association to help young people maintain connections with their cultural roots; and
  • additional ACT Government resources for programs that teach English as a second language so that migrants are not disadvantaged in Australian society. Sufficient funding should be provided to meet existing needs and an integrated family approach should be adopted.

CAP is totally opposed to all forms of prejudice and discrimination against minority communities and will promote public education programs to foster a greater appreciation of minority cultures and their inclusion to participate in social, cultural and religious celebrations.

Social Services

CAP supports the accessibility and culturally sensitive provision of social services to migrants and refugees in the ACT and believes that the ACT Government and local businesses could do more to help refugees adjust to their new life in Australia and feel welcomed as part of the ACT community.

Arts and Culture

CAP supports:

  • international exchange programs and sister city relationships that promote cultural exchanges between ACT residents and overseas communities;
  • continued ACT Government funding for the National Multicultural Festival, a unique event that enriches the lives of ACT residents, interstate and overseas visitors; and
  • greater transparency, accountability and governance in the management of the Theo Notaris Multicultural Centre.

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