Our Youth – Our Future – A Community Alliance Party plan

The Community Alliance Party (CAP) is committed to a culture that values young people and encourages them to use their energy and enthusiasm to participate in their local communities. We consider this to be vital to the wellbeing of the ACT and value adds our local economy.

CAP  believes that the ACT Government and the wider community can do more to support young people, particularly for those who live in poverty or are functionally illiterate (about 11% of the total in each case), Indigenous, and refugee youth.

CAP  will work with youth, their families and communities, and government and non-government agencies to help make the ACT a safe, supportive, and enjoyable place to live for all.


CAP will:

  • work with youth and the wider community to develop leadership skills in youth and give them a voice in political, community and other forums;
  • promote cross-generational programs in schools and in the wider community whereby young and old can learn new skills together and develop a mutual respect; and
  • support programs that help youth avoid anti-social and addictive behaviours.

Families in crisis

CAP will work with existing community organisations and governments at all levels to identify and support families in need to keep families together wherever possible.

CAP believes that the interests of the children should be paramount in responding to dysfunctional families. CAP  supports the greatly increased provision of resources to the overstretched ACT child protection services and will work with crisis accommodation providers to increase its supply  for young people and families to meet a growing and alarming need.


CAP  is committed to equipping young people with the skills required to function in a dynamic job market in a way that is suited to their individual skills and abilities.

CAP will:

  • provide the resources for assessment and support so that children with disabilities and other learning needs receive the level of support they need in the classroom;
  • work with schools at all levels and colleges to provide better counselling support to students; and
  • supports the inclusion of at least 30 minutes of physical activity in every child’s school day to have fun, exercise and develop basic sporting skills.


CAP supports:

  • age-appropriate health education in schools and colleges;
  • improved services for youths with mental illness, including provision of a separate residential acute-care facility; and
  • the work within communities to provide integrated health and community services.


CAP will:

  • provide accessible youth centres in every district, and will incorporate such facilities in new developments where they do not currently exist;
  • support improved facilities for Youth Centres and make them more appealing by involving youth in their design and function;
  • support affordable and accessible practice, rehearsal, display, and performance spaces at district and neighbourhood venues to encourage a vibrant arts culture for youth; and
  • support more investment in developing coaching and training skills in the wider community for the benefit of people of all ages, including junior sport.

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