People with disabilities is a priority for the Community Alliance Party

The Community Alliance Party (CAP) recognises that people with disabilities encounter barriers to participating in community life as well as discrimination on a daily basis. CAP will act to ensure that people with disabilities are treated with respect, dignity and equality.

In addition, CAP will work with people with disabilities, carers, health care professionals, government, advocacy groups, and the wider community to develop an adequately funded business models and a comprehensive approach to directly address the needs of people with disabilities.

Early intervention and education

CAP will:

  • provide the resources needed to allow the prompt, sensitive, and early detection of children who have disabilities and provide ready access to early intervention services;
  • provide the resources for assessment and support so that children with disabilities and other learning needs receive the level of support they need in the classroom;
  • support a transparent process to allocate ongoing support, based on need, to allow people with disabilities to reach their full potential; and
  • seek to ensure strict enforcement of disability discrimination legislation and will promote community education to address discrimination against people with disabilities

Children with disabilities 

CAP believes that, with the numbers of ACT children with disabilities are increasing, more schools must be made adaptable and more people with disabilities should be encouraged to become involved in education to help overcome discrimination.


CAP believes that people with disabilities should be supported to manage their own care and independence and supports:

  • the provision of sufficient adaptable public housing for people with disabilities; and
  •  all new housing—in new developments and redevelopments —meeting appropriate design standards of adaptability.


CAP will:

  • seek to ensure that existing regulations on wheelchair access to commercial and government buildings are strictly enforced and updated/upgraded where necessary;
  •  support the provision of improved public transport options for people with disabilities; and
  • require all new commercial developments to provide adequate disabled parking, and will ensure that the illegal use of disabled parking spaces is appropriately penalised with demerit points.


CAP will support:

  • measures that improve access for people with disabilities to a wide range of recreational pursuits – both indoor and outdoor;
  • the provision of safe facilities and the development of coaching and training skills in the wider community to help those with disabilities participate in sports; and
  • the extension of artistic opportunities to people with disabilities.

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