The Community Alliance Party believes in families being the building blocks of community

Canberra’s status as a ‘family-friendly’ city has been diminished by the hard-hearted attitude and narrow-minded policies of the current ACT Government.

The Community Alliance Party (CAP) will work with families, communities and employers to help realise the potential of families from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Families and government

An elected CAP member to the ACT Legislative Assembly will insist that the ACT Government and its agencies treat all families with respect and dignity and that any interaction between families and the ACT Government should involve the entire family where appropriate.

Families and children

Raising children is the main focus of many families. CAP will

  • work with existing community organisations and government to improve support services for families, such as community parenting programs, including assistance for fathers to develop their parenting skills;
  • insist that families with young babies are better supported by improving the availability of community health nurses, including the re-instatement of home-visits for new mothers through a maternal and child health services program;
  • provide increased funding to community organisations to enable them to better support mothers with postnatal depression;
  • support greater resources for childcare and playgroups, and universal access to free, part-time, non-compulsory preschool;
  • work with school communities to give families greater opportunity to participate in their children’s education; and
  • recognises the valuable role of grandparents and other members of the extended family in raising children, sometimes as primary carers.

Families in need

CAP makes the commitment that it will:

  • work with existing community organisations and governments to identify and support families in need to keep families together wherever possible;
  • put the interests of the children first this is paramount in responding to dysfunctional families;
  • support the greatly increased provision of resources to the overstretched ACT child protection services;
  • in consultation with the social welfare and legal communities, develop strategies to address domestic violence, including the greater provision of investigatory counselling services; and
  • ensure that families of addicts are offered the support and respite they need.

Families and work

CAP believes that parenthood must be recognised as a productive contribution to the ACT economy and will

  • seek to improve the family-work balance so that children are given the best possible start in life; and
  • encourage ACT workplaces to adopt family-friendly policies, including greater availability of flexible working hours, permanent part-time positions, paid maternity leave and on-site childcare facilities.

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